Fall Flashback – Schiller Woods October 2012

Living in an urban environment can make it difficult to experience real nature. I have lived in Chicago for the past 20 years and I am glad that we have several Forest Preserves surrounding the city. Without these stretches of nature we would truly live in an urban concrete jungle.

Schiller Woods is located on the northwest outskirt of Chicago. Part of this Forest Preserve borders the city and the other side the suburb of Schiller Park. These woods are a popular destination for picnics, family gatherings, BBQs and sports events. I enjoy walking the trails and occasionally I ride my bike through there as well.

Last October I was feeling fed up with the day to day grind so I started visiting the forest on an almost daily basis. Since I worked in the afternoons I had time to visit before my work day began. The fresh air and the sights made my days so much better.  Fall is a wonderful time since every day brings new colors and new sights. I eventually got inspired to bring my camera and I snapped some photos:

Fall Flashback – Kawishiwi Falls October 2012

Kawishiwi Falls outside Winton MN are a hike worth going on. The trail isn’t too difficult but the views are rewarding. I snapped these photos back in October of 2012. This was my first time at the falls and the second time ever in Northern Minnesota. This was the trip that made me fall in love with the entire area. Im sure I will visit this spot more often.

Fall Flashback – Northern Minnesota October 2012

I have been busy organizing all my photos on my hard drive and I came across some pictures that were taken before this blog was started. These photos were taken on my second ever trip to Northern Minnesota. Essentially these views made me fall in love with the Superior National Forest.

Trees Communicate With One Another, Connected by Fungi (Video)

Very interesting video I found on the BBN ( Buddhist Broadcasting Network ). Basically the video shows the work of University of British Columbia professor Suzanne Simard. Her work explains “trees in a forest ecosystem are interconnected with the largest, oldest ‘mother trees’ serving as hubs.

Isle Royale Wolves History and Latest Development

Video from 2011:

For over 50 years researchers from Michigan Technological University have been studying the relationship between wolves and moose on Isle Royale, located in the middle of Lake Superior. This long term study continues to surprise us with new discoveries on how the natural world works. Hear the latest news from Assistant Professor John Vucetich, and learn more about why the fate of Isle Royale wolves may be in jeopardy.

Check out the latest development on this topic that was just recently posted on 12/13/2013:


Blue water and skies

The sky and water are never as blue as they are in the summer.

Summertime Sunday Throw back

Its a cold winter Sunday and I was organizing my phone and found some more pictures from the summer. Cant wait for spring. Winter needs to keep moving.