Blue water and skies

The sky and water are never as blue as they are in the summer.

The world around her.

We have one planet, one world, but if we all saw the world through her eyes, this world would be much better.

Reaching for the sky

To reach for the sky you have to look up. Amy never stops looking into the sky and her photos do a great job expressing it. Even though we all share the same sky, the one above her seems just so much better.

Spring is a new beginning in Ely, Minnesota

Spring is a time of Change in Ely, Minnesota. These photos were snapped by Amy with her SONY camera in spring 2013.

Sunset over Shagawa Lake

Shagawa Lake just next to Ely Minnesota is one of the most popular lakes in the region. Its easily accessible and there are many lake properties surrounding it. The dock nearby the Grand Ely Lodge is a great place to enjoy the breath taking views. If you are patient it rewards you with amazing images just begging to be captured on camera. One summer evening we drove down to the dock and snapped a bunch of photos of an amazing sunset.

More views of Rookie Pond

Rookie pond is a small stop on the Fernberg road and there is a bit of parking for better viewing. We just cant seem to avoid stopping here.

The views are always changing and are very beautiful .

Searching for a camp site

Our summer was filled with a lot of adventure, but it wouldn’t be complete without camping in the woods. We spent a few days driving around and searching for a good spot. These views won us over.

Summer hike to Kawishiwi Falls

Kawishiwi Falls is outside Winton MN, which is just 3 miles past Ely Minnesota. Ely was voted the Coolest small town in America in 2010.  The small town of Ely is located at the “end of the road” in North East Minnesota. It is an entry point into 1,000,000 acres of the Northwoods and the BWCA, most of which are lakes, rivers and streams.  This is canoe country!  Its also home to numerous bald eagles, ospreys, moose, bears, wolves, beavers, coyotes, deer, bobcats, ducks, loons, and many other species of birds, reptiles, fish and other mammals.

There are numerous hiking trails near the town and one of the most popular hikes is to the famous Kawishiwi Falls. This is a 1.5 mile hike to the 70ft falls and the dam, which is used to generate power through the Winton Hydroelectric power plant.

For other trails in the area check out:

Amy snapped some great photos during our hike.

Snow in April on the Shagawa River in Winton Mn

This year April was full of snow in the small town of Winton right at the end of the road in North eastern Minnesota. The Shagawa River which flows right past the town seems to attract quite a diverse group of bird species.

Our small walk along the river brought some great sights, from swans, to geese, ducks and even a hawk. Amy snapped the photos with her SONY. I was just keeping her company.

A heron.