Fall Flashback – Kawishiwi Falls October 2012

Kawishiwi Falls outside Winton MN are a hike worth going on. The trail isn’t too difficult but the views are rewarding. I snapped these photos back in October of 2012. This was my first time at the falls and the second time ever in Northern Minnesota. This was the trip that made me fall in love with the entire area. Im sure I will visit this spot more often.

Fall Flashback – Northern Minnesota October 2012

I have been busy organizing all my photos on my hard drive and I came across some pictures that were taken before this blog was started. These photos were taken on my second ever trip to Northern Minnesota. Essentially these views made me fall in love with the Superior National Forest.

The world around her.

We have one planet, one world, but if we all saw the world through her eyes, this world would be much better.

Reaching the top….. Castle Rock, WI

On our road trip down to Chicago I was super persistant on stopping here. I dunno why I like this rock so much, but Castle Rock near Wisconsin Dells, WI is a popular destination. It looks like a castle and sticks out from the local surrounding. Its right on Castle Rock Lake. Amy doesnt like heights, but it didnt stop her from reaching the top 🙂

More views of Rookie Pond

Rookie pond is a small stop on the Fernberg road and there is a bit of parking for better viewing. We just cant seem to avoid stopping here.

The views are always changing and are very beautiful .

Searching for a camp site

Our summer was filled with a lot of adventure, but it wouldn’t be complete without camping in the woods. We spent a few days driving around and searching for a good spot. These views won us over.