The School bus RV

This is a very interesting find that Amy posted on her facebook. Its a picture of an RV ( recreational vehicle ) that was built from an old school bus. We talked about travelling across the country and most RVs, especially newer models, can cost into the tens of thousands. Hauling a Camper or running an RV are both very costly due to the high fuel consumption ( RV or truck hauling camper ), parking regulations, registration fees and other associated expenses, such as owning a pickup.  On the other hand having a large mobile vehicle is a great way to travel and have a place to stay for a much more affordable cross country vacation.

Used school buses are quite common and in fairly good supply across the United States due to the constant demand. You can get lucky and buy one of these for a few thousand bucks and then you have a world of possibilities.

Due to the large size, open space and stable platform, the school bus is a perfect building to house a cool and creative interior space for your adventure travels. Whether you want a cozy apartment feel, an RV style interior, or get super creative and go for a total custom look the school bus offers you the best option. Aesthetics aside, the bus platform also offers a simple and easy vehicle when its time for maintenance. Since these buses have been in service for so many years, used parts, replacement parts and general knowledge about repairs are all easy to find.

The particular bus below inspired me to give that project a few more thoughts and who knows, perhaps someday in the near future I can build one of these for our adventures.

School bus converted into a very cool RV.

School bus converted into a very cool RV.

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