The world around her.

We have one planet, one world, but if we all saw the world through her eyes, this world would be much better.

Reaching for the sky

To reach for the sky you have to look up. Amy never stops looking into the sky and her photos do a great job expressing it. Even though we all share the same sky, the one above her seems just so much better.

Flowers…. flowers…. and more flowers :)

Never enough flowers to go around. Amy took all these photos with her phone. Check out the vibrant colors!

Spring is a new beginning in Ely, Minnesota

Spring is a time of Change in Ely, Minnesota. These photos were snapped by Amy with her SONY camera in spring 2013.

Springtime Landscape

Springtime is a time of rapid change in the Superior National Forest. The snow starts to melt and all the plants wake up. The colors begin to return and the views are spectacular. Amy captured the landscape with her SONY in this great photo:

The great rebirth of the forest during spring.

The great rebirth of the forest during spring.

Snow in April on the Shagawa River in Winton Mn

This year April was full of snow in the small town of Winton right at the end of the road in North eastern Minnesota. The Shagawa River which flows right past the town seems to attract quite a diverse group of bird species.

Our small walk along the river brought some great sights, from swans, to geese, ducks and even a hawk. Amy snapped the photos with her SONY. I was just keeping her company.

A heron.