Blue water and skies

The sky and water are never as blue as they are in the summer.

Summertime Sunday Throw back

Its a cold winter Sunday and I was organizing my phone and found some more pictures from the summer. Cant wait for spring. Winter needs to keep moving.

The world around her.

We have one planet, one world, but if we all saw the world through her eyes, this world would be much better.

Reaching for the sky

To reach for the sky you have to look up. Amy never stops looking into the sky and her photos do a great job expressing it. Even though we all share the same sky, the one above her seems just so much better.

Reaching the top….. Castle Rock, WI

On our road trip down to Chicago I was super persistant on stopping here. I dunno why I like this rock so much, but Castle Rock near Wisconsin Dells, WI is a popular destination. It looks like a castle and sticks out from the local surrounding. Its right on Castle Rock Lake. Amy doesnt like heights, but it didnt stop her from reaching the top 🙂

Couldn’t take her to the ocean, but I wont stop trying.

Amy always wanted to go to the ocean. We couldn’t fit all that adventure into one summer. But thers always next year 😉

Flowers…. flowers…. and more flowers :)

Never enough flowers to go around. Amy took all these photos with her phone. Check out the vibrant colors!

Sunset over Shagawa Lake

Shagawa Lake just next to Ely Minnesota is one of the most popular lakes in the region. Its easily accessible and there are many lake properties surrounding it. The dock nearby the Grand Ely Lodge is a great place to enjoy the breath taking views. If you are patient it rewards you with amazing images just begging to be captured on camera. One summer evening we drove down to the dock and snapped a bunch of photos of an amazing sunset.