Berry picking

The north woods of north eastern Minnesota are a great place to go berry picking. The thick woods are full of tasty treats waiting to be discovered. Blueberries are very well know around these parts and the area is home to Ely Minnesota’s annual Blueberry Arts Festival. For more information on the festival visit this link:  Explore Minnesota. However not everyone is aware that aside form blueberries you can find numerous other delicious edibles.

This past summer we found wild strawberries and wild mountain strawberries growing along the trails that we hiked. Many of them grew on the same trails that would lead us to the delicious blueberries. At first I didn’t even think to look around for strawberries, but once I discovered a few of them I was hooked. I really wish we had more time to spend picking berries. We only managed to get a small container of them but Ill be sure to get ready for next year! Nothing beats the smell, taste and rich nutrient content of wild natural berries picked right from the woods. I encourage anyone who gets the chance to enjoy some on their hikes, but be respectful of nature and leave enough for the hungry critters that rely on them for survival. Don’t forget to be very cautious as there are many poisonous and non edible berries so please only pick properly identified plants.


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